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Firetrol Fire Pump Controllers 

Replacement Fire Pump Controllers - Electric, Diesel, Automatic Power Transfer Switches, Jockey Pump Controllers

Firetrol MARK III electric and diesel fire pump controllers are designed to meet or exceed NFPA 20 - Standard for the Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection.  To ensure compliance with this standard and others, Firetrol panels are UL Listed and Factory Mutual Approved. The latest Mark III touchscreen operator interface is very intuitive and makes start-up and testing an easy task. 

Flotronix offers the complete Firetrol line of controllers including:

- Electric Starting: Across the Line, Wye Delta, Solid State Soft Starter, Auto Transformer, Variable Frequency Drive, all with or without integral Automatic Power Transfer Switch. 

- Diesel Driven Fire Pump Controllers: Available in all enclosure types including panels for Class 1, Division 2 Hazardous Locations.  These panels are compatible with 12VDC or 24VDC for use with all Fire Pump Listed Engines. 

MKIII Image.jpeg

New Design MKIII Interface

Constantly Improving!

Firetrol recently introduced an updated design including a 7" Capacitance Display with superior graphics and improved touch input. In addition the new panels include an integrated programmable annunciator alert replacing the old fashioned alarm bell.

Firetrol Models 

Electric - Diesel - Transfer Switches - Jockey Pump Controllers - Alarm Panels


Firetrol Full Voltage Across the Line Start

Full Voltage starting is simple and low cost and is preferred whenever the utility or emergency generator set will permit this type of starting. 

Available Ratings:

Compatible with Listed Fire Pumps rated up to 600HP @ 460VAC/3PH/60HZ. 


Firetrol Wye-Delta Open Transition Starting

Need to reduce Inrush Currents? The FTA1300 Wye-Delta Open Transition Electric Fire Pump Controller will draw approximately 33% of its normal inrush current. These controllers are recommended in areas with limited utility power capabilities.


Firetrol Model FTA1350 Wye-Delta Closed Transition Electric Fire Pump Controller

Similar to the FTA1300, The FTA1350 adds a resistor bank to allow the motor circuit to remain closed during the transition from start to run. This is advantageous in applications with sensitive equipment on the same power source or connected to emergency power generators.


Firetrol FTA1800 Autotransformer Starting Electric Fire Pump Controller

This controller's rugged design is also closed transition and minimizes line disturbances. Selectable taps allow customization of starting current reduction. Great for use with emergency power generators and any installation requiring reduced inrush currents.


Firetrol FTA1930 Digital Soft Starter Electric Fire Pump Controller

The Firetrol soft starter design allows significant electrical and hydraulic benefits. When called to run, the motor will accelerate over approximately 10 seconds reducing the inrush currents and softening the water hammer effect on piping.

FTA3100 Series 

Firetrol Model 3100, 3110 & 3130 Variable Frequency Drive Electric Fire Pump Controllers

This series of Electric Fire Pump Controllers utilize a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) as the starting AND control method. A PID Set Point Control is provide to limit the fire pump to a predetermined pressure setting.


Firetrol Model FTA1100 Diesel Engine Controllers

Compatible with Listed Fire Pump Engines, the FTA1100 monitors alarm conditions, charges the diesel engine batteries and automatically starts the engine based on weekly test requirements, manual testing and pressure drop in the fire sprinkler system.


Firetrol Model FTA570 Jockey Pump Controllers

The Firetrol Model FTA570 series jockey pump controllers are intended to operate pressure maintenance pumps for use with fire pump systems. The jockey prevents unnecessary operation of the main fire pump. Available in wide range of horsepowers and voltages with many custom optional features to suit any application.

The FTA 570 replaces the FTA550 & FTA560 controllers and includes a user friendly HAND-OFF-AUTO selector switch. 


Firetrol FTA900 Series Automatic Power Transfer Switch

Firetrol offers the FTA900 series Automatic Transfer Switch for those applications that require secondary standby power. The second power source may be a second utility or an emergency generator unit. Firetrol can supply the Transfer Switch pre-wired inside the fire pump controller to allow for easier field installation.

Firetrol builds the widest available range of Listed Fire Pump Controllers in the industry.

Call Flotronix today at 1-317-849-7377 or email us at: for friendly knowledgable assistance in designing or replacing your fire pump controller. We back our controllers with local parts inventory and field services. Firetrol offers a industry leading TWO YEAR Limited Warranty. 

Engineers and Businesspeople

Replacement Parts & Field Service

At Flotronix Corporation, simply selling products has never been enough. With our extensive experience and technical capabilities we can help you maintain your Fire Pump Controls to ensure proper operation if ever needed during a life safety event.  


OEM Parts Inventory

Only the Best

Flotronix has a huge inventory of Firetrol replacement parts. Components like microprocessors, motor contactors, circuit breakers, relays, timers, pressure transducers, relays, relay boards, solenoid valves and more.


On-Site Customer Service

Professional - Prompt - Experienced

Our Factory Trained Service Engineer can come to your site for:

  •                    Troubleshooting

  •                    Maintenance Inspection

  •                    Testing

  •                    Start-up Assistance 

  •                    Training

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