Firetrol Meets IBC-2006 Seismic Requirements

All Firetrol products are now rated to perform successfully during and after seismic activity. Their new certification meets the requirements of the 2006 International Building Code and the 2007 California Building Code for Importance Factor 1.5, Sds=1.88.
If your project requires seismic documentation be sure to ask for Firetrol “Option (SEI) Seismic Documentation”. You will be provided a complete copy of the test certificate, center of gravity drawing and a permanent rating label will be affixed to the fire pump controller.
Ip- Equipment Importance Factor (from 1.0-1.5). All Firetrol panels with Option (SE) Seismic Documentation is qualified to an Ip level of 1.5, indicating the equipment will be fully functional during and after a seismic event.
Seismic Shake Table Test

Seismic Shake Table Test


Firetrol Fire Pump Controller experiences the pressures of a simulated earthquake through the International Building Code certification process.

Shake, Rattle and Roll!
Firetrol Fire Pump Controllers Feature Seismic Certification

Firetrol introduces a new feature, the IBC Seismic Certification, to its fire pump controllers which will help them shake off earth-shaking activity.

This technological development means the controllers are designed and built to operate during and after seismic activity. Firetrol received its certification from the International Building Code, or IBC.

In fact, Firetrol controllers withstood 300%g IBC Level Seismic Simulation with Importance Factor 1.5. This third-party testing provides credibility for Firetrol’s superior reliability, unlike self-certified units or those that rely on mathematical calculations that indicate the equipment “should” work during an earthquake.

The ability to operate during a severe earthquake is especially critical for states such as California, Washington, Nevada, Idaho and Colorado, which can experience frequent and sometimes intense earthquakes. Recent tragedies in Haiti and Chile also illustrate a worldwide need for seismic-certified equipment.

To earn IBC certification, a unit must pass a “shake test.” It’s bolted onto a hydraulic platform programmed to simulate a variety of seismic activities. The equipment must operate while it’s being shaken vigorously. This dress rehearsal provides much needed peace of mind to facilities managers and building owners that the equipment is designed to operate during an earthquake.

When you order your new fire pump controller, please add the option code “SEI” to your purchase order. You’ll receive a job specific Certificate of Conformance with your new unit.