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Easy installation in existing diesel fuel tank drain, replaces the standard drain plug! 

The Flotronix Model FLO-L10785-SS fuel spill switch is ruggedly designed to detect fuel spill and leakage in the interstitial space of double wall diesel fuel tanks. Designed to be connected to the diesel fire pump controller or directly to your alarm system.

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Our Features

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Easy Installation

Pre-assembled for Simple Installation into the 1" NPT interstitial space drain connection. Stainless Pipe Fittings provided replace the 1" drain plug provided in the bottom of the Fire Pump Engine Diesel Fuel Tank.


Two Wire Connection to Alarm System

Pilot Duty Contacts rated 1A@200VDC/265VAC maximum, Normally Open, Closed to Alarm


Cast Aluminum Conduit Box

Wires easy with 1/2" standard conduit and fittings. Conduit Body is Threaded NEMA type 4, per UL22455.


Side Mounted Pipe Plug for easy Inspection and Testing

Removal of inspection plug allows technician to manually actuate stainless float to verify alarms

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