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Annual Inspections will maximize the system integrity of your Fire Pump Controller and minimize failure.


NFPA 25 requires annual testing and inspection of Fire Pump Controllers. (Diesel and Electric)


Our Factory Certified Service Engineers are capable of performing:

   - NFPA 25 Annual Inspections

   - Diagnose and repair any controller issue that might arise

   - Start-up Assistance and Support

NFPA 25 Code References Checklist


  • Automatic and Manual Starts

  • Automatic Start w/ Emergency Generator

  • Alarm Outputs and Connections

  • Transition Timer Performance

  • Transfer Switch Function (if applicable)

  • All System Settings

  • Internal Electrical Settings

  • Internal Electrical Settings

  • Circuit Boards

  • Battery Voltage


  • Isolation Switch

  • Circuit Breaker

  • Connection and Terminal Points

  • Minimal Run Timer or Manual Stop Functions

  • Emergency Start Mechanism

  • Clear Data Disk and Error Codes

  • Accurate Temperature Settings

  • Pressure Gauges and Sensors

  • Pilot Lights


  • Detailed reports tailored to our customer

  • Findings will be provided via E-mail (paper copy available)

  • Full Inventory of your property/properties

  • Yearly quotes for budgeting purposes on discontinued controllers

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